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An improved strut-and-tie model to predict the ultimate strength of steel fiber-reinforced concrete corbels
Authors: A. A. Mahmoud & M. M. A. Khalil T. S. Mustafa, F. B. A. Beshara
Year: 2019
Keywords: CorbelsHorizontal stirrupsFiberaspect ratioSteel fibersStrut and tieUltimate shearcapacityVertical load
Journal: Materials and Structures
Volume: 52
Issue: 3
Pages: 52-63
Publisher: Springer
Local/International: International
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Full paper Mostafa Mohamed Ali Khalil_Mustafa2019_Article_AnImprovedStrut-and-tieModelTo.pdf
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In this paper, a strut-and-tie model isproposed for predicting the ultimate shear capacity ofsteel fiber reinforced concrete corbels. The proposedstrut-and-tie model accounts for the effect of concretestrength, fiber volume, fiber aspect ratio, ratio of mainsteel and horizontal stirrups ratio, horizontal load ratioand shear span-to-depth ratio. The ultimate shearpredictions of the proposed model are validated with146 test results from the literature. The comparisonshows that the proposed model performs well inpredicting the ultimate shear capacity of steel fiberreinforced concrete corbels. The overall average valueof the ratio between the experimental and thepredicted strengths is 1.1 and the standard deviationis 0.105. Compared with the existing testing results,the strut-and-tie model predictions of the Americanand the British standard are more conservative than theimproved strut-and-tie model. Also, comparativestudies between the proposed model and the strut-and-tie models provided by other researchers in theliterature are presented. Finally, sensitivity studies areperformed for fiber parameters. The ratio between theultimate shear strength for steel fiber reinforcedconcrete corbels and the ultimate shear strength fornon-fibrous corbels are studied versus the steel fiberparameters considering shape of fiber and shear span-to-depth ratio. The studied fiber parameters are fibervolume content and fiber aspect ratio.

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