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Architecture Complexities and Contradiction
Authors: Wagih Fawzi Youssef
Year: 2014
Keywords: complexity, social art, truth, cultural value, evolving form
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The complexities of architecture create a formidable barrier to achieving the building quality, the values that the architect seeks to create. The building must enhance the lives, must embrace its social purpose, must develop a rapport with its site, its environment, must have functional integrity, and structural firmness, making an expressing statement, with beautiful facades, whose appropriateness and relevance come from a rational, common sense, architectural sensitivity and unifying the whole. It must have a sense of timeliness and a sense of tradition; timeliness because it expresses its age, a century whose processes and technique should usher in one of the great architectural epochs. The magnitude of the problems and opportunities facing the architect today requires him to be both aware of the interaction of disciplines and the forces that act in his time, and be responsive and sensitive to them. At the same time, however, architecture must look beyond contemporary forces and discipline and must recognize that objects themselves are perceived and reacted to in different ways by different people.

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