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Architecture Aesthetics Inquiry
Authors: Wagih F. Youssef
Year: 2015
Keywords: Artistic activity, aesthetic taste, aestheticism, colorism, humanize
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eauty does not exist outside artistic activity. The only reality of art is the personality of the artist. The extreme of art is to represent man as he appears, not as he is. If one desires to know the spirit and inner life of a people, one must look at its arts, literature, dances, and music where the spirit of the people is reflected. The arts, as the expression of the living and being of man, do not die, but go on to reveal the continuity of life. The arts become the study of people reflected in the ever-changing images of man as he journeys across historical time as he ceaselessly strives to achieve the ideals that create meaning for life. Now the arts become focal points in the brave new world that stretches ahead, visual artists, modern architects who create some mode of order in a world of arts and ideas. Today’s architect has become the partner of the painter, sculptor, and mosaicist.

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