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Architecture Ideology and Politics
Authors: Wagih F. Youssef
Year: 2015
Keywords: Regionalism, hidden mythos, inner image, authentic innovation, tradition
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Current architectural discourse could be classified into four ‘isms’: Productivism, Rationalism, Structuralism and Populism. These categories correspond to the principle intentional trends in architecture today. Altogether, they are of critical relevance to the present cultural confusion which could be characterized as Regional; nonetheless, a non-reductive architectural culture that parallels the concept of the interstices of freedom. Regionalism changes from place to place, resistant to civilization, and can easily degenerate into a nostalgic case. Regionalism manifests itself in terms of ideology, climate, to pyrography, material resources and technique that depend on small scale local industry. The urban consequences of applying such criteria at economic densities would be to spontaneously create the boundaries of a negative urban form. Wherever architecture will ever be able to return to the representation of collective value is an important point.

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