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Architecture and the Problems of Creative Conceptions
Authors: Wagih Fawzi Youssef
Year: 2015
Keywords: use value, aesthetic value, goal-oriented, technical device, visual imagery, aesthetic creation
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Beauty and the beautiful are not the same things. The concept of the beautiful includes a definite goal discernible in the creative act and object effectiveness, i.e. its ability to fulfill its purpose and also be beautiful in form and practical worth. Beauty is a combination of different materials, sound, colors and words which give the work of a master the capacity to act on our emotions and intellect. Science and architecture are both the results of the creative process and the problem connected with this interaction depends on the social and cultural environment in which it exists. Architecture design requires its own specialized knowledge; it makes new and considerably greater demands on the social sciences, and the humanities. Thus design will function as a catalyst stimulating the restructuring of the existing forms. Future art, science and technology can begin to search for ways of harmonizing these areas of human endeavor.

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