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Towards an Ecumenical Architecture
Authors: Wagih Fawzi Youssef
Year: 2016
Keywords: standardization, evolution, time, dynapolis, exhibitionism, habitat, structural frame
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Present trends in architecture prove that we are in fact moving towards an ecumenical architecture. We are gradually moving not only towards similar solutions but towards solutions which are themselves basic to humanity and not bound to a particular locality. The reason for that is the socialization of architecture. We are being led to an ecumenical style because it will be basically human and because the whole developing civilization is tending to similar patterns. We must remember that a contracting world has drawn people together. People are now becoming aware of solutions which are considered modern in the Western world, but which are already very old in the East. Architecture is a discipline not of designing buildings or houses but of building the human habitat which consists of a technique, art and science. Much more, it has to be seen as a service provided for the people and not as art or a mental exercise in the abstract.

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