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Post-Academic Architecture
Authors: Wagih Fawzi Youssef
Year: 2017
Keywords: cultural stereotypes; false romanticism; sincerity; true beauty; formlessness; irrationality
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The perfection of architecture is displaced from the present to the past, and is dissolved in philosophical science. Architects are convinced their philological and analytical ability found problems to resolve only in the architecture of the past, often changeable with changes of taste, but nevertheless kept constant its aspiration toward universal aesthetic values. But to extricate themselves from the double yoke of classic architecture, historians sought afar, discovering folk works from the Far East. If it is true that current buildings are the present-day interpretation of the past, then present day architecture is the basis of all history of architecture. However, it is essential not to confuse architecture with the viewer's taste, because aesthetics cannot create systems of knowledge, such as logic, but can only supply models for judgment. These models are symbols conceived as works of art reduced to their simplest expression (belonging to representations of line, surface and volume), which depend on perceptions that are related to the sphere of thought and symbolic sympathy that assume external form as symbols of its existence.

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