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Art,Society and Real Value
Authors: Wagih Fawzi Youssef
Year: 2018
Keywords: emotional space, movement, tension, material, non-rational
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The many art movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries all had as their basic aim the search for new forms. Frequently, a new form was found by anti-art, by protesting the past. A consideration of this process may help us to understand more recent experiments in form by the modern movement. They explain the serious purpose of the artist and designer in striving for new forms often paying scant regard to the reaction of the public or of the critics. The genuine emerges and develops in constant conflict with the opinion and tastes of the audience. The genuine stretches the links between art, society and real value. Conscious and unconscious elements of form play an important part in the process of artistic creation. In abstract art, form elements such as point, line, area, body and volume, surface texture and structure, and color provide an essential framework. Aesthetic phenomena lift human nature into a higher sphere.

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