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Architecture and the Desire for New Form and Expression
Authors: Wagih F. Youssef
Year: 2018
Keywords: cubism; mannerism; Romanesque; gothic revival; modern style
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In some historical periods, individual architects concentrate on the human figure, others on objects connected with utility and consumption, others on nature. They find that under certain conditions form is influenced by concern with, or neglect of, detail. The dependence of form factors such as size, proportion, location, shape, shading, direction, is being studied. Visual form is also considered to articulate the environment. Visual order as a tool of insight has been stressed in the formal aspect of architecture. Beauty can be defined as the correspondence of meaning and perceptual symbolism. Things that belong together are shown together, and what is great and high appears in large size and in high location. Beauty is lost when meaning and form are split. This results in compositions which carry no message.

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