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Early Skin-to-Skin Contact: It's Effect Up On Third Stage of Labor and Breastfeeding Initiation
Authors: Afaf Mohamed Mohamed Emam1 & Eman Mohamed Abd Elhakm2
Year: 2018
Keywords: Early Skin-to-skin contact, Breastfeeding initiation, Third stage of labor.
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Early skin-to- skin contact between the mother and newborn after birth creates an optimal environment for the adaptation of newborn to extra uterine life. This simple and cost-free procedure is recommended as an important improvement in care immediately after delivery. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of mother- newborn early skin-to-skin contact on duration of third stage of labor and breastfeeding initiation. A quasi-experimental design was utilized. The study conducted in the delivery room at Benha University Hospital. A purposive sample was used to include 100 mother and her neonate these mothers were divided equally into study group apply early skin-to-skin contact technique and control group follow the routine hospital care. Three tools were used for data collection (1)Women Bio demographic characteristic tool, (2) Third stage assessment tool (3) Breastfeeding assessment tool. Results indicated statistically significant differences between study group and control groups as the study group were more positively passed the third stage of labor and success of first breastfeeding compared to control group. Conclusion and recommendation: Mother-newborn early skin-to-skin contact significantly reduced duration of the third stage of labor, reduced the time to initiate first breastfeed and enhanced the success of first breastfeed. The study recommended that mother-newborn early skin-to-skin contact should be started immediately after birth.

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