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Lateral Response Behavior of Symmetric High-Rise Buildings
Authors: Ahmed M. Abd El Salam; Osama A. Kamal; Ahmed H. Abdel-Kareem; Hala M. Refat3c and
Year: 2019
Keywords: high-rise; lateral response; period of vibration; vibration period; drift; minimum eccentricity
Journal: East African Scholars Journal of Engineering and Computer Sciences
Volume: 2
Issue: 9
Pages: 17
Publisher: East African Scholars Publisher
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
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This paper presents an approach for calculating a Cumulative Inertia Index (CII) in order to predict high-rise buildings response under lateral loads for cases of minimum eccentricity. Different distributions of columns, shear walls, and outriggers are considered. Plan layouts with different aspect ratios are studied. The main aim is to present an index for high-rise building structures subjected to lateral loads, which is simplified, and gives results within an acceptable accuracy. Shear walls and tube-in-tube systems with and without outriggers are considered. A set of guide charts and equations for moments, shear, deflection, drift, and period are generated for each case. The utility and accuracy of this approach is be demonstrated by several case study examples.

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