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Evaluative Study of the Criteria for Selecting Cadres of Media Sports in Egyptian Satellite Channels
Authors: Ahmed Mohammed Yassin Ali
Year: 2015
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There is no doubt of the importance of having media, at the level of individuals or groups of local or regional on the local, regional or national level both for the state developing or developed countries alike, and the need of media is one of the humanitarian needs that arose with the beginning of human societies since thousands of years, this was confirmed by the constitutions in the modern era. This is clear in the famous Article No. (19) of International media of Human Rights, which states that "everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression" and even receive news and ideas, receive and broadcast by any means of communication or media regardless of frontiers. The study carried out by Hossam El Din Mursi entitled "The role of mass media in the dissemination of sports culture among students in Egyptian universities" (2003) the researcher reached to some conclusions, including: that television is the most important media mean that affects the dissemination of culture in the field of sports. In light of the multiplicity of channels and the growing need for it and the diversity of character and the orientation of programs which can accommodate the nature of these channels and the surrounding economic, political, cultural, social and international conditions which show the strong need when developing media policies to the importance of preparing well prepared people to accommodate with the requirements of competing media.

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