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Brewer’s yeast (Saccharamyces cervisiae) has hypolipidemic effect in hyperlipidemic model
Authors: Aisha Mohamed Alfitori*, Abubaker Bashir and Ahmed Fathi Bahriz
Year: 2013
Keywords: Yeast, hyperlipidemia, peroxisomes, TG12 gene.
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The yeast has been used for food since ancient time, brewing beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks and in baking industry to expand or to raise dough. It is relatively inexpensive food stuff that contains many kinds of beneficial nutrients [vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid, glutathione, amino acids etc]. In addition brewer's yeast is commonly known as food supplement and traditional bowel movement normalizer in Japan. The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of dietary treatment by brewer's yeast in hyperlipidemic model. This model was done by feeding rats hyperlipidemic diet containing coconut oil [10 g/kg/day], cholesterol [4 g/kg/day] and colic acid [0.2 g/kg/day] for three weeks period. Oral yeast was given at a dose of 1 gm mixed with diet and was compared with Fibrate at a dose of 50 mg/kg/day. The result revealed that hyperlipidemia induced by hyperlipidemic diet can be reduced by dietary brewer's yeast supplementation.

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