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Occurrence of non-cerebral coenurosis in sheep
Authors: G. Christodoulopoulos; A. Kassab; G. Theodoropoulos
Year: 2013
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Journal of Helminthology
Volume: 87
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 125-127
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
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This study reports seven rare cases of non-cerebral coenurosis in sheep. The sheep were slaughtered in abattoirs of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) but originated from India, Iran, Oman and Sudan. The prevalence of infection with non-cerebral coenurosis was 0.008%. The locations of the cysts were the triceps brachii muscle, the diaphragm, the infraspinatus muscle of the shoulder, the muscles of the thigh and the abdomen, and the ommentum. The Coenurus cysts were surrounded by a fibrous, semi-opaque membrane, cloudy white in colour. Altogether, 12 cysts were recovered and all contained a single bladderworm. Cysts had a volume of 7.3 ^ 1.30 cm3 (ml), with 7.3 ^ 4.0 clusters of scolices, and an average number of scolices 75.3 ^ 24.4. These features in sheep were similar to those reported for non-cerebral Coenurus cysts in goats. No cysts were found in the brain or spinal cord of any of the infected sheep. No clinical evidence of non-cerebral coenurosis had been recorded during the antemortem veterinary inspection of the infected sheep.

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