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Id ntification of Anaerobic Bacteria in Bacterial Vaginosis
Authors: Ahmed M. EI Gazzar*, Amal M. Matta*, A beer A. Abo Elazm*.Ahmed WalidA. Morad**, Reham N. Ragab*
Year: 2011
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Bacterial vaginosis (B V) is the most prevalent form ofvaginal disturbance in women ofchildbearing age.the gooI of this study was: Diagnose of BV in the studied women and determining the associated risk factor . Isolation and identification ofanaerobic bacteria in diagnosed women. This study was conducted f women at their reproductive age aI/ending The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department ofBenha , rsity Hospital as out-patients and in-patients with age range 19-40 years after taking their consents. high vaginal swabs were taken from each woman. One swab was placed in a tube of sterile cooked

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