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Assessment of Nursing Students Self-Awareness Dealing with Psychiatric Patient
Authors: Asmaa Mohamed Ali Hassan El AbdProf. Dr. Abdel Rahim S. ShoulahDr. Mervat Hosny Shalaby
Year: 2009
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The aim of the present study was assess nursing student self-awareness dealing with psychiatric patient through: Assess knowledge of students about self-awareness and Assess knowledge of students about self-esteem. This study its descriptive design conducted at Faculty of Nursing, Benha University. The data was collected from (October 2008 to December 2008); the sample was 216 nursing students. There were two tools used for collected data. The first tool constructed by Arletta, (1999); and William and Torray, (2000). An interview questionnaire comprised socio- demographic characteristics of students, Students’ self- awareness data, and Students’ expectations and benefits of nursing. The second tool constructed by Lowason and Marshallw, (1989); involved modified social self- esteem inventory. The results of the study revealed that the majority of student's hade adequate knowledge about self awareness and self esteem after taking the lecture. There was highly significant and positive correlation between Level of students’ knowledge of self awareness and their levels of self esteem. The study recommended that throughout academic years, a lecture of self-awareness will help nursing students understand their reaction towards patients, colleagues and others.

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