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Prof. Eman Mokhtar Ali Abou El Ghait :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
2) Study of post harvest treatments on chamomile plant completed
3) Effect of Media and Nutrition on some Ornamental plants completed
4) Physiological studies on the growth of some tree seedlings completed
5) Physiological studies on some of Annual plants completed
7) Effect of growth regulator, Nutrition and Media on growth and propagation of some yucca Sp. completed
8) Effect of nutrition and some growth regulators on growth and flowering of some winter annuals completed
9) Physiological studies on growth And flowering of some Ornamental Shrubs completed
10) Comparative studies on stralitzia reginae at – Post pagation completed
12) Physiological studies on Tan acetum Vulgar L. plants completed
15) Effect of some prehorticulral treat ments and Post harvest treatments on some Ornamental plants in progress
16) Physiological studies on propagation and growth of some preenhouses plants in progress
20) Physiological studies on seed germination growth performance of one year old seedling of some ornamental in progress
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