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Prof. Eman Mokhtar Ali Abou El Ghait :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
1) Physiological studies on growth flowering and component in carthams plant completed
6) Studies on plants and landscape design of Kinder Gardens for children from (3-6) years old completed
11) Physiological studies on growth and flowering of stralitzia reginae Ail plants completed
13) Effect of some Horticultural treatments on growth and flowering of Helianthus anus plants. in progress
14) Effect of Mineral fertilizer on the to lerance of some woody trees to salinity. in progress
17) Studies on soil amendments and fertilization of turf grasscs paspalum Vaginatum in progress
18) Effect of sawing and fertilizer treatments on growth and production of Indian fennel compared with varieties of fennel plants grown in Egypt under Sinai Condition in progress
19) Effect of irrigation and biofertilization on vegetative growth and chemical composition of stevia in progress
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