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Prof. Gabr Fikri Hussein El-Bagoury :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
Studies on the reo-virus isolated from poultry completed
Studies on some different strains of rift vally fever virus completed
The ability of restriction endonuclease enzymes to differentiate between FMD virus in Egypt completed
Studies on equine viral abortion problems in Egypt completed
Prevalence of bovine virus diarrhea virus serotypes 1 & 2 antibodies among demosticated animals completed
Molecular detection of bovine ephemeral fever virus completed
Trials for production of highly immunized oily inactivated rift valley fever virus vaccine completed
Studies on avian infectious bronchitis virus completed
The use of new developing methods to differentiate between vaccinated and infected cattle by foot and mouth disease virus. completed
Preparation and evaluation of inactivated vaccine against duck plague disease virus completed
Trials for using wheat germ oil as adjuvanted rift vally fever vaccines completed
Preliminary trials for production of equine viral abortion inactivated vaccine completed
Studies on preparation of new oily combined vaccine for rota and corona viruses in cattle completed
Preparation and evaluation of inactivated Newcastle disease virus vaccine with different adjuvants completed
Studies on propagation of EDS virus on tissue culture completed
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