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Prof. Gamal Helmy Mohamed Elsaeed :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
1.Sediment Transport in Approach Channels to Harbors Completed
2.Hydraulic Characteristics of Flow in Pools in Stilling Basins Completed
3.Evaluation of Alternative for Lowering Ground Water Table in Urban Areas Completed
4.Scour at Bridges Abutments in Cohesive Soil Completed
5.Optimum Use of Oriented Spur Dikes to Minimize the Impact of Diversion Channel at the Barrages Completed
6.Effect of Barrage Components on Navigation Waterway Completed
7.The Effect of the Cross Water Currents on Navigational Ships Completed
8.New Design for Shore Protection Strctures Completed
9.Sedimentation Analysis for Aswan High Dam Reservoir Completed
10.Management and Evaluation of Groundwater Aquifer in the Middle Part of Darb El-Arbaein Area, South Western - Egypt Completed
11.Numerical Study for Scour Around Bridge Piers Completed
12.Management and Evaluation of Performance and Environmental Conditions of Nubian Sandstone Aquifer in Darb El-Arbeain, Southern Egypt. In Progress
Improving the Navigation through the Nile River Bridges In Progress
Modeling Morphodynamic Processes at River Channel Confluences In Progress
Using Jets to Minimize the Passive Influence of Hydraulic Jump Downstream Hydraulic Structures In Progress
Investigating the Improvement of Water Circulation and Water Quality of the Egyptian Northern Lakes, Case Study Al-Manzala Lake In Progress
Optimum Design of Pump Intake Using CFD for Improving Hydraulic Performance In Progress
Integrated Water Resources Management of Northern Iraq with Considerations Climate Change Aspects In Progress
Vulnerability Assessment for the Northern Delta Coastal Strip to Climate Change In Progress
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