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Authors: Hanan Amin Gafer Prof. Dr. Abd El-Rahim Saad Shoulah Prof. Dr. Kamilia Ragab Abou Shabana Dr. Amel Ahmed Hassun Omran
Year: 2009
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BACKGROUND: The health of mother and their infants is of critical importance, both as a reflection of the current health status of a large segment of our population and as predictor of the future health status for the next generation. PURPOSE: To assess women health needs during labor through assessing women's knowledge and attitude about their physical and emotional needs as well as women's attitude toward hospital delivery. DESIGN: Descriptive study design. The tools of data collection were structured questionnaire sheet to assess woman's knowledge and modified likert scale to assess woman's attitude. SETTING: The study was conducted at antenatal room in labor department at Benha university hospital. The actual field work was carried out from February 2009 up to June 2009. SUBJECTS: 200 women at age from 20 to45 years old, in the first stage of labor, without medical or obstetric complication and not scheduled for cesarean section. Sample type: simple random sample. RESULTS: showed that, the majority of women; about 99%, had either incomplete or wrong knowledge about their needs during labor. The women's attitude toward their needs during labor was negative attitude, but most of them had positive attitude toward delivery at hospital. RECOMMENDEDATIONS: Design and implementing program about parturients women health needs during labor to health care provider stressing the important of companionship during labor at Benha university hospital. Booklets regarding hospital discharge information must be distribute to each mother before discharge from delivery room including hygienic measures to mother and neonate, nutrition, exercise, breast feeding and family planning. Further studies are suggest to assess health team knowledge and attitude regarding parturients women needs during labor. Programs must be develop during antenatal care within the third trimester of pregnancy addressing child birth

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