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Perception And Practice Regarding Bilhariziasis Among Rural Population And Recommended Nursing Role At Kaluobia Governorate
Authors: Hanan Abd El Wahab ElsayedProf. Dr. Abd el Rahim Saad ShoulahProf. Dr. Soheir Ali Badre EldinDr. Howyida sadek Abd El Hameed
Year: 2006
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Schistosomiasis is a disease caused by infection with one of several species of schistosome (blood fluke). The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of farmers who exposed to schistosomiasis and explore the nursing role among nurses in hearth centres. This study was descriptive design conducted at four health centres., Batamda, Elshmout, MetElsebah and Marsafa health centres at kaluobia Governorate. One hundred farmers that were selected equally as a systematic random sample and all nurses who are working in the selected health centres were included (80 nurses). The tools of data collection were a structured questionnaire sheet that designed to collect sociodemographic data, knowledge, attitude and practice of farmers and another questionnaire for nurses to collect sociodemographic data, knowledge and nursing role toward bilhariziasis. The questions were two types, closed and open ended. The results of the present study showed that the mean age of farmers was 34.59  10.44. farmers with incomplete knowledge were 84% and those who did incorrect practice were 56% while farmers who had positive attitude toward the disease were 75% of the sample. There was highly statistical significant differences between farmers’ knowledge, practice, and their attitude. The mean age of nurses was 32.28  9.99. Nurses with incomplete knowledge about bilhariziasis were 56.3% and majority of them (97.5%) didn’t participate in health education to patients with bilhariziasis. Significant relation was detected between nurses’ sociodemographic data and their knowledge except social status and training courses. The study concluded that the majority of farmers need to improve their knowledge and practice toward bilhariziasis and also nurses need to participate more in preventive and practical role. The study recommended that nurses should play a key role regarding schistosomiasis’ treatment and follow up, also training courses should be conducted in health centres and efficient irrigation techniques is highly required. Key words: schistosomiasis. Health centres. Nursing role.

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