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Assessment of esophageal motility disorders in chronic renal failure
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Year: 2007
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In patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) anorexia, nausea,and vomiting are common yet poorly understood symptoms. The study aimed to examine Motor function disturbances of esophagus as well as modulating hormonal factors and its effect on nutritional status in pations with (CRF). We studied 5o patients stratified into 3 groups:G1:25 patients with (CRF), on hemodialysis, G2:25 patients with (CRF), on conservative treatment and G3:10 subjects with abnormal upper G1. manifestations. But with normal renal functions. S.albumine were examined in all groups and esophageal manmetric assay was done for all. At presentation G1: showed the presence of elevated lower esophageal sphincter pressure and incomplete lower sphincter relation associated with low percentage of relaxation on wet swallows . in addition to a high amplitude and prolonged duration of esophageal contractions compared to G3 ,this was associated with hypergastrinemia and low S.albumine. More over G2: showed the same results as for G1, plus ahigh percentage of uncoordinated contractions as compared to G3 , but it lacks high amplitude and prolonged duration of esophageal contractions. We conclude that esophageal motility abnormalities and elevated serum gastrin may play an important role in initating these abnormalities and that esophageal manometry should thus be considered for patients with CRF presenting with gastrointestinal upsets.

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