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Improving buckling resistance of hollow structural steel columns strengthened with polymer-mortar
Authors: Kh. M. El-Sayed, Ahmed S. Debaiky, Nader N. Khalil, Ibrahim M. El-Shenawy
Year: 2019
Keywords: Steel, SHS, Polymer, Mortar, Column, Buckling, Strength.
Journal: Thin-Walled Structures
Volume: 137
Issue: April 2019
Pages: 515-526
Publisher: Elsevier
Local/International: International
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Experimental study is carried out to investigate the behavior and strength of square hollow structural section (SHS) columns, strengthened with an innovative polymer-mortar system. Thirteen specimens of cold-formed SHS columns with different variables are chosen. Three short-column and ten long-column SHS specimens were experimentally tested. The local and overall buckling of specimens are measured in the laboratory. The tested specimens are subjected to an axial compressive load. The effect of the thickness of polymer-mortar applied directly to the well-prepared steel surface was studied. The effect of slenderness ratio (kL/r) and width-tothickness ratio (b/t) on the effectiveness of mortar strengthening was also discussed. Different failure modes are discussed as well as complete axial strength curves are drawn for different cross-sections and member lengths. A maximum axial strength gain of 31.6% was achieved for SHS short columns strengthened with 6mm thickness polymer-mortar layer. For long columns, a maximum strength gain of 76.7% was achieved with 6mm thickness polymer-mortar layer applied on four sides. In all mortar-strengthened SHS short and long columns, the axial and lateral deflection, and the axial strain were reduced. The axial strength of SHS long slender columns increased greatly as the overall slenderness ratio increases.

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