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The Indistinct Role of Community between Architect Decisions and Design process stages "Case Study - Egypt
Authors: Eslam Nazmy Soliman Fahmy
Year: 2016
Keywords: Community needs, Community participation, Design methodology, Design process
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Publisher: International Conference on Architecture, Structure and Civil Engineering (ICASCE 2015) London, March 26-27, 2016
Local/International: International
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Abstract: Architectural product is a direct result of the interaction between three main aspects; architectural design phases, Architect decisions and User (Main part of the community). In fact, Egyptian Community has suffered greatly from non- participation of its members in making design decisions of public buildings. Actually, when the Architect makes an architectural design, he only depends on his experience and knowledge as well as binding governmental laws to meet the customer requirement. In addition, the Architect may use some social and human studies submitted by governmental entities and authorities at other times. Therefore the Egyptian community members often reject the building and they may consider it as enforced on them. Thus, the research paper provided various aspects of community participation in different phases of the design process stage. Also, the paper referred to Egyptians Architects by conducting a questionnaire to take their views on whether they accept community participation in design decisions or not, then it pinpointed the stage of the design process where members of the community may participate. The research explained the most suitable kind of community participation form the Egyptian Architect points of view.

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