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Effects of Peer Review on EFL Prep School Students' Writing Ability
Authors: dr.Magdy Mohamed Amin Abed
Year: 2007
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The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of peer review on EFL students' writing ability. For this purpose , 40 second year prep school students, from two classes at Nasser Prep School for Boys located in Benha Governorate, participated in the study. This sample was randomly divided into two equal groups, forming both the experimental and the control groups. The study employed three instruments: (1) A Writing Scoring Rubric (2) An Error Correction Code and ( 3 ) An Assessment Writing pre-post test. The experimental group received training in peer review activities in which students peer checked themselves in paragraph writing ( in terms of vocabulary & spelling, sentence, grammar, and content & organization ) for seven weeks during the first semester of the 2007 / 2008 academic year. The control group was taught the same content (paragraph writing ) for the same period of time, but did not receive any training in peer review activities/ did self-checking only. Results of the study revealed that there were significant differences at the level of 0.01 between the experimental group subjects and the control group subjects in the total score of the writing test in favor of the experimental group. Results also indicated that the students in the experimental group had a greater gain in each writing aspect, although some gains were much larger than others. It was concluded that having students review their peers' writing from an early age really does help them to improve their own writing local aspects ; the implementation of successful peer review activities must begin with teacher training; peer review activities are beneficial to student writing, which supports the idea of a student-centered writing classroom in which students work together and discover new ideas, rather than quietly notes while the teacher talks. Topics for further research are recommended.

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