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The Effectiveness Of Instructionl Program By Using Hypermedia On The Performance Level Of Some Basic Skills In Soccer For Beginners
Authors: Mahmoud Nabil Gamal Eldin Lotfy
Year: 2011
Keywords: Instructionl Program;Basic Skills;Soccer
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The problem Importance of the Research Despite the significant progress witnessed by the educational institution in the educational process by using the methods and techniques of modern technology which achieve the desired goals, however, he notes the adoption of physical education on the traditional methods of education where the use of technology education is extremely limited. It is through the experience of the researcher in the field of teaching and training of football because he is a demonstrator in faculty of physical education – benha university and coatch in football school in republic shebeen, noted researcher that the players have shortcomings and weaknesses in the level of skills in football as a result it is difficult to realize the stages different skills to perform the difficult where you need to focus on its component parts and the final shape of the skill as a whole, and therefore need to make a lot of time and effort through education without some means for the learning process. It has been noted researcher through informed of the scientific literature and previous studies that the Ataatuar educational programs using Alhiebermedia and applications of modern computer in the field of teaching the basic skills of sports activities in general and football in particular for beginners, as many of the clubs have the potential and labs equipped with computers, this is what was called a researcher to use a method Alhiebermedia as one of the methods of modern technology that could contribute positively in the teaching of football skills are displayed skills to be taught by more than an intermediate educational as well as different ways to display those media, which leads to allow sufficient time and a clear vision of Mharah whether Using images Muslsh fixed or mobile and verbal explanations of the skill and the written text of the way of performance and the performance of a model of skill to make it easier for the learner feeding reaction at any time, as it is the most important recent trends in the education process to use more than one broker to view the topic educational one to operate on each strengthen the learning process and taking into account individual differences among learners to acquire the educational experience. This prompted the researcher to identify the impact of an educational program using Alhiebermedia to perform some basic skills in football for beginners.

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