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Toxicity of lambada cyhalothrine on albino rats and the protective action of vit.c
Authors: Rania AM, HH Bakry, RM ElShawarby, ME Abou Salem
Year: 2012
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Lambda cyhalothrin is a new pyrethroid insecticide used all over the world to control the insect on wide rang in a variety of crops, and used as vector control (mosquito). The present study was designed to investigate the protective effect of vitamin C. on the toxicological effects of lambda cyhalothrin on erythrogram,liver and kidney enzyme activities and histopathological changes. In this study 80 male albino rats (western strain) were dividied in to 4 groups each group contain 20 rats.First group kept as control,second group was given vitamin C at dose 200ppm in drinking water daily for 2 month,third group was given 100 mg/kg/B.w lambada cyhalothrine 3 day per week for 2 month orally by using stomach tube while fourth group was given lambada cyhalothrine at dose 100mg/kg/Bw three time/week orally by stomach tube plus vitamin C 200ppm in distal water daily continuously for 2 month.The obtained result were significant decrease on erythrocyte,hemoglobin and pcv% in group of rats received lambada cyalothrine.While ALT,AST,AP,creatinine,urea and uric acid were significantly increased but the total protein,albumin and globuline were significantly decreased in rats received lambada cyhalothrine in compared with other groups.This parameters were non significant difference in control group and group recived vitamin c but improved in the group rats received lambada cyhalothrine plus vitamin C.

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