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Construction Of Test Battery For Measuring Co-ordination Abilities For Soccer Juniors
Authors: mohamed said meselhy
Year: 2011
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Based measure of ability to monitor aspects of performance that indicates it is associated with, the ability depends on its presence on the appearance of performance piece to it, meaning that its presence constructive, that is observed and recorded can not be done only by measuring the performance evidence, but the ability of this on to become far on the concept of brief scientific objective of the research, in particular global research them, so that if all the work indicates the ability, the number of capacity becomes equal to the number of works by the individual and become word performance meaning of the word capacity and this is contrary to the meaning of flour for each term of the terms . The capacity Co-ordination Abilities in the suitability for learning basic skills in soccer, as the availability of these capabilities have a novice or young person helps to good thinking and ease of learning motor skills and development are like me, is one of the main pillars of performance skills as a common denominator and a compound with other elements to contribute to blanc access to the highest level athlete in accordance with the physical potential, we find that the novices and beginners who are characterized by harmonic capabilities can register a higher degree of general physical capacity, not linked to performance, compatibility only motor skills but also the vehicle that is characterized by a degree of difficulty.

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