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تأثير تدريبات الكاتسيو على ايض البروتين ومستوى أداء سباق 100م حواجز لدى الطالبات الجامعيات
Authors: محمد سعد اسماعيل
Year: 2017
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Journal: International Scientific Journal, Ovidius University- Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport /Science, movement and health- Romania
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EFFECT OF KAATSU TRAINING ON SERUM PROTEIN ELECTROPHORESIS AND PERFORMANCE LEVEL OF 100M HURDLES FOR FEMALE COLLEGE STUDENTS *Mohamed saad Esmail Purpose. KAATSU training is performed under conditions of restricted blood flow. It can induce more of beneficial effects such as increased muscle power, and it has been adopted by a number of facilities in recent times. The purpose of the present investigation was to describe the effects eight weeks of KAATSU training on serum protein electrophoresis and performance level of 100m hurdles for female college students. Methods: Twenty female students from faculty of physical education for girls (age 19.8 +/- 1.9 years) participated in this study. The sample was distributed equally into two groups, the experimental group contains (10 female students) and the control group contains (10 female students), the experimental group participated in the KAATSU training program for eight weeks and the control group participated in the traditional program that used in the faculty. All participants completed the tests before and after the 8-week programs. Results: The data revealed that • Significant Difference between the experimental group and control group in Total protein and Creatinine for posttest to the experimental group. • No Significant Difference in Blood urea nitrogen, Urea, Uric acid and 100m hurdle time for female college students. Conclusions: The findings indicated that the KAATSU training for eight weeks could an improvement in serum protein, Creatinine and performance level of 100m hurdles. These results have to be taken into account by teachers in order to better understand and implicated of these concepts in educational lessons.

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