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تأثير تناول مشروب الطاقة على بعض المتغيرات البيوكيميائية وسرعة استعادة الاستشفاء بعد جرى 4000م
Authors: محمد سعد اسماعيل
Year: 2016
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Journal: International Scientific Journal, Ovidius University- Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport /Science, movement and health- Romania
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Purpose: A dietary supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities. The aim of this study was to investigate that Effect of energy cocktail drink on certain biochemical variables and recovery after 4000m running. Methods. The study was approved by physical education Faculty Ethics Committee each participant gave informed consent to take part in the study. Twenty male participants attended the test session. Selection criteria were males (18.1, 18.4) years of age, height (175, 177.5) cm, weight (70.2, 72.1) kilogram, for placebo and experimental groups. The participants divided into two equal groups, experimental and placebo. They were required to be non-smokers who were not taking any prescribed medication, who regularly consumed breakfast, statistical analysis of the results was carried out with the use of SPSS software. Results; the experimental group had improvement higher than placebo group in certain biochemical variables and recovery time. Conclusion: With reference to the research results, the qualities of the used methods and following the statistical analysis, the researchers could conclude the following: The energy drink would boast athlete's performance. It is recommended to include food supplement to the elite athletes.

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