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Lifestyle Intervention for Reducing Leg Cramps among Pregnant Women
Authors: Eman Nabil Ramadan1,*, Samah Abdelhaliem Said2, Nehad Ahmed Zahra1, Mervat Gaber Zaghloul3
Year: 2019
Keywords: lifestyle intervention, leg cramps, pregnancy
Journal: American Journal of Nursing Research
Volume: 7
Issue: 3
Pages: 228-237
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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Full paper Nehad Ahmed Ibrahim Zahra_ajnr-7-3-1.pdf
Supplementary materials Nehad Ahmed Ibrahim Zahra_ajnr-7-3-1.pdf

Leg cramps are a common discomfort during pregnancy account 30-50% of pregnant women. Lifestyle intervention help in reducing symptoms and discomfort associated with leg cramps. Aim: Was to study the effectiveness of lifestyle intervention for reducing leg cramps among pregnant women. Research Design: A quasi-experimental design was used. Setting: This study was conducted in Outpatient Clinic at Obstetric and Gynecological Department affiliated at Benha Teaching Hospital. Sampling: A purposive sample of 212 pregnant women having leg cramps and divided into study and control group. Tools: Three tools were used for collecting data; 1) A structured interviewing questionnaire; it includes four parts personal characteristics of studied women, past and current obstetric history, leg cramps history, and studied women's knowledge. 2) Modified Healthy Life Style Assessment Scale. 3) Visual analogue Scale. Results: showed that the mean age in the studied group and control group were 27.06±6.45 & 26.98±7.43 respectively. And secondary education is the education level of the large proportion of both study and control group 49.1% & 57.5% respectively, there was highly significant differences between two groups in all items related to their knowledge p

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