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Digital transformation of knowledge
Authors: radwa diab
Year: 2015
Keywords: digital transformation , digital resources
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This study aimed to identify the impact of the digital transformation of knowledge and the spread of digital sources on researchers specialized in the fields of humanities and social sciences by measuring the extent of the authors at the faculty of Arts journal at Benha University adopt on digital sources in articles published in the journal, as well as to solicit the views of a sample faculty and assistants at the Faculty of Arts Benha University members who represent the journal community to get to know their motivations and their attitudes towards digital and the availability of capacity and basic skills to access and deal with this type of sources of information and reliable scientific research sources, measure their interest to keep pace with modern developments and techniques in access to information. The study depends on Bibliometric quantitative approach to analysis reference citations contained in the articles under study, that deals with the phenomena related to information sources and benefit from them. The study also used the survey research approach through the use of a questionnaire addressed to a sample of Faculty of Arts, Benha University members and their assistants. This study includes three chapters

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