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The Relationship between Bullying, Achievement Factors, and Self-Esteem among Nursing Students
Authors: Rehab Mohamed Rashad Ebrahim, and ²Samah Ramadan Ibrahim Elrefaey
Year: 2019
Keywords: Nursing, Faculty, Students, Bullying, Achievements, Factors, Self-Esteem.
Journal: International Journal of Novel Research in Health care and Nursing
Volume: 5
Issue: 3
Pages: 476-489
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: Local
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Abstract: Bullying in Nursing has existed for decades and appears to be a growing concern as nurse retention and recruitment become crucial factors in sustaining health care system. Nursing is a job that requires mental health at desired levels, besides influencing studying the factor of achievements and self-esteem daily life a profound effect on the quality of professional practice in the future, and the staying in the profession. The study aimed to assess the relationship between bullying, achievement factors and self-esteem among Nursing Students. Design: Descriptive correlation design. Setting: at Faculty of Nursing, Benha University. Sample: Convenience sample consisted of 136 Nursing Students at the previously mentioned study setting. Tools: 1st tool: Self-administer Bullying in Nursing Education Questionnaire. 2ndtool: Contributing Factors to Advance Academic Achievement Questionnaire. 3rdtool: The Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale. Results: The current study revealed that the majority of Nursing Students were moderate perception level of bullying. While nurses, physician, patient and their families were the most frequent sources of bullying as perceived by students, also the highest percent of them had social relationships in university regarding achievement factors Therefore; more than two thirds of them had low level of self-esteem. Conclusions: There was no statistically significant correlation between total bullying perception and total self-esteem, however, coping strategies were moderate level within the low level of self-esteem; there is a strong positive correlation between total self-esteem and total achievement factors. Recommendations: Conducting psycho-educational program and seminars sessions to raise awareness of bullying in nursing education that enhance their academic achievement and self-esteem.

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