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Nursing staff readiness toward advanced mobile devices utilization in nursing care in critical care units
Authors: Samah El Sayed Rashed,Assist.Pro. Abeer Mohamed seade,Dr.Fawzia Farouk Kamel
Year: 2018
Keywords: Advanced mobile devices- critical care units - nursing staff- readiness
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Background A new reality is obligated that advanced mobile devices (AMDs) adoption is recognized for advanced nursing practice. The Egyptian health organizations have little attention in AMDs adoption, thus inappropriate nursing staff readiness is a challenge of AMDs compliance and application. The purpose of the study was to assess nursing staff (head nurses and staff nurses) readiness toward AMDs utilization in nursing care in critical care units. A descriptive comparative design was used to achieve the aim of the present study. The study setting this study was conducted at Benha University Hospital. Sampling convenient sample of nursing staff divided into staff nurses and head nurses with at least one year experience was constituted the study sample. Instruments used for data collection data of the present study was collected by using one instrument it was named; Advanced mobile devices readiness test questionnaire ; it consisted of three parts, first part contained personal characteristics of study subjects, Part II: AMDs knowledge questionnaire and Part III: AMDs readiness questionnaire. The result showed that the highest percent of head nurses had good knowledge level regarding AMDs utilization in nursing compared to more than two thirds of staff nurses and nearly half of head nurses were ready to use AMDs in nursing care compared to more than one third of staff nurses. The study concluded that there were statistically significant positive correlation between nursing staff total knowledge and total readiness regarding AMDs utilization in nursing care. The study recommended; the study recommended that; the informatics education programs should be incorporated into orientation program for new hiring and into a continuing education program schedule to enhance nurses support, confidence as well as comfort at AMDs usage.

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