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Prof. Samy Fargaly Ismail Abed El Wahab :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
6) Studies on bursa of fibracious in poultry at Kaliobia province Completed
7) Surgical affections of the teat and udder in Frisian cows Completed
8) The prevalent surgical affections of the urogenital system in ruminant Completed
9) Surgical affections of the nasal cavity in some farm animals Completed
10) Studies on propofol anesthesia on domestic animals Completed
11) Ultrasonographic examinations of the abdomen on sheep Completed
12) Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of tumor and tumor like swelling in some domestic animals Completed
13) Studies on eye affections on some domestic animals Completed
14) Studies on tendon affections onb equines Completed
15) Diagnostic imaging of the urogenital system in equines Completed
16) Studies on surgical affections of the external ear in some domestic animals Completed
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