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Optimal Analysis of Flexible Reconfigurable Networks Using Movable and Changeable Components
Authors: Walaa Ibrahim Gabr,Hassen Taher Dorrah,Sara Atif El-Gendy
Year: 2018
Keywords: Flexible reconfigurable networks, Movable and changeable components, Parameter varying systems, Symbolicbased modeling and optimization.
Journal: EEE Mepcon’2018 Conference,
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Most types of networks depend on fixed resources in their configuration, but these fixed resources are not effective, especially in the case of a problem in any of these resources. This may lead to a defect in the entire network until the problem is resolved and therefore there must be an alternative to replace the fixed resources in such cases. In this paper, the concept of addressing optimal operations of flexible reconfigurable networks with movable and changeable resources is thoroughly presented. The methodology is represented in a mathematical form by solving the optimization problems of quadratic programming, nonlinear programming and multi-objective programming. Implementation of the proposed technique is carried out to several illustrative examples with a single or multiple movable symbolic-based resources. The implemented examples demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed technique and its strong capability in presenting many scenarios for system operation under movable resources. Finally, the applications of the new concept could be extended to real life systems of the electricity, water, oil and gas, communication, computer, transportation, and service networks.

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