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Prof. Soliman Mohamed Mustafa :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2013
1-8. Consultant for modern academy
2-7. Member of the Supervisory Committee of the Division on English study in college
3-6. Contribute to the development of regulations for open education system
4-5. Develop regulations of the Center for Studies and Research at the Faculty of Commerce benha university
Scientific Activities of 2004
5-1. Establishment of a system of internal quality assurance at the Faculty of Commerce Benha 2004/2008. (Phase I) (QAAP). (Coordinator of administrative activities )
Scientific Activities of 1999
6-3. Participating in institutional development programs in the bodies of drinking water and sanitation to be converted into joint stock companies (Aswan - Abu Simbel, Cairo from 1999 - so far )
Scientific Activities of 1990
7-4. Conducting an active training in various areas of accounting (International and Egyptian Accounting Standards, financial and accounting analysis, to read and display the financial statements, auditing standards since 1990 until now.
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