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Course Title[Course Code]:Printing technology[TPDF 2113]

Faculty: Applied Arts
Department: Textile Printing and Dyeing and Finishing
Program: textile printing&dyeing&finishing
Compulsory / Elective:Compulsory
Undergraduate(Second Year-First Semester or Second Semester)
Lecture:( - ) Practical / Clinical:( 4 ) Tutorial:( - )

Course Description:
The ways protein fabrics is printed including wool and natural silk with different pigments, installing theory pigments used ways install printers on printed fabrics, washing fiber , synthetic which includes:polyster , polyamide, acrylic, different thermal installation , print blended fabrics of protein fibers and natural fibers or other synthetic which includes :textile printing, blended wool /cotton, wool /polyster,wool / acrylic various printing methods synthetic fabrics that includes direct printing, immune.