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Course Title[Course Code]:Project[PRO 400]

Faculty: Computers and Artificial Intelligence
Department: Artificial Intelligence
Program: Computers System
Compulsory / Elective:Compulsory
Undergraduate(Forth Year-First Semester)
Lecture:( - ) Practical / Clinical:( 4 ) Tutorial:( 1 )

Course Description:
The course aims at introducing the Input devices: Introduction, human factor considerations, keyboards, digitizers, input tables, mouse, track-balls and joy-sticks, voice input systems. Output display devices: CRT, LCD, Gas-plasma displays, controllers, software support. Output hard copy devices: Plotters, impact printing (line and matrix). Nonimpact printers (Electro-photographic, magneto and ionographic, thermal, ink-jet). Color printing, printer controllers. Mass storage devices: Semiconductor, flash, magnetic floppy, hard disk, magnetic tapes, standard cartridge, optical (CD-ROM, WORM), magneto-optical. Multimedia and virtual reality devices: Head mounted displays, data gloves.