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Course Title[Course Code]:productive and reproductive farm animal viruses[Viro 887]

Faculty: Veterinary Medicine
Department: Virology
Program: Virology Department Fish diseases and management Department
Compulsory / Elective:Compulsory
Postgraduate(Doctoral-Not Available)
Lecture:( 4 ) Practical / Clinical:( - ) Tutorial:( - )

Course Description:
g- Provide the postgraduate student the advanced experience in collecting information from different sources, develop research skills, competency in modern laboratory techniques and provide the students with skills in interpretation of published literature to prepare them to incorporate and integrate new developments into research and laboratory activities. h- Provide the postgraduate students with different advanced patterns for classification of viruses affecting farm animals and information on each of the major taxonomic categories of viruses. i- Provide the opportunity for the postgraduate students to gain the necessary information about general properties of Riboviruses (RNA-viruses) of farm animals. j- Apply the required knowledge about Deoxyriboviruses (DNA- viruses) of farm animals. k- Experimental description and application of advanced techniques used for preparation and isolation of suspected viral samples. l- Experimental description and application of advanced techniques used in viral identification. m- Provide the postgraduate student with full required knowledge about the subject of his thesis.