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Course Title[Course Code]:Development of historical writing in the Middle Ages[MAHI 6103]

Faculty: Arts
Department: History
Program: Mediaeval history
Compulsory / Elective:Compulsory
Postgraduate(Not Available-Not Available)
Lecture:( 2 ) Practical / Clinical:( - ) Tutorial:( - )

Course Description:
The course aims at introducing the Firstly : in middle east 1- 1- The beginning of history in the Arab world, bibliography and Al Moghazi book, Al ekhbarion and the beginning of specialization in history in the Arab world 2- Historical writing trends in the Islamic era Until the end of the sixth century AH (twelfth century AD) From the sixth century AH until the ninth century AH (12 – 15 C AD) 3-Ibn Khaldoon and the writing of history Secondly: in Byzantium and the West European world Firstly: in Byzantium: from the beginning of the Byzantine history in the fourth century until the end of the eighth century AD and from the beginning of the ninth century until the end of the twelfth century Secondly: in the West: Writing in the Dark Ages in Europe (500 - 1000 AD.) from the eleventh century until the end of the twelfth century in recent centuries of the Middle Ages