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Course Title[Course Code]:Monasticism in medieval times[MAHI 7106]

Faculty: Arts
Department: History
Program: Mediaeval history
Compulsory / Elective:Elective
Postgraduate(Not Available-Not Available)

Course Description:
The course aims at introducing the 1- Monasticism isolation in Egypt (St. Paula and St. Antoine) 2- Monasticism stage before the advent of social monasticism 3- Bakhomi Monasticism in Egypt and then in the East 4- Transmission of monasticism to Europe 5- Monastic systems from the sixth century to the tenth century AD Abanncanutah 6- Reform Movement in the tenth century AD 7- Alsstrchianah monasticism in the twelfth century 8- Monks brotherhood organizations in the late Middle Ages 9- The impact of the monastic movement in the European community life in the Middle Ages