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Course Title[Course Code]:Psychology with criminal groups (drug addicts- immoral crimes -begging crimes) public morals[080125]

Faculty: Arts
Department: Psychology
Program: criminal psychology
Compulsory / Elective:Compulsory
Postgraduate(Diploma-Not Available)
Lecture:( 7 ) Practical / Clinical:( - ) Tutorial:( - )

Course Description:
This course aims to introduce students to various criminal groups, such as: drug addicts and public moral crimes, and begging crimes. This course includes the classification of criminals, patterns of criminals, the factors that lead to crime, the interpretation of psychological theories of crimes, the phenomenon of drug addiction, its size and the role of the psychologist in the field of prevention and treatment of addiction; the phenomenon of public morals' crimes and their classifications, sexual deviations and their classifications, the role of the psychologists in the field of prevention and treatment; begging crimes, their classifications, their psychological and social factors, and the role of the psychologist in reducing these crimes.