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Course Title[Course Code]:Management Information Systems[INF 484]

Faculty: Computers and Artificial Intelligence
Department: Information System
Program: Information System
Compulsory / Elective:Compulsory
Undergraduate(Forth Year-First Semester)
Lecture:( 3 ) Practical / Clinical:( - ) Tutorial:( - )

Course Description:
The course aims at introducing the Introduction to information engineering. The CASE tools. The stages of information engineering, information strategy planning (ISP), an overview of information strategy planning, the objective of information strategy planning, information gathering techniques, classes of information. Formulate information needs and performance measures, potential impact of information technology, define the primary information architecture. Complete the function decomposition. Analyze function dependencies. Map function to organization. Build the entity relationship diagram. Map entity types to information needs. Record usage of entity types by business function, business area analysis (BAA), business system designs (BSD): technical design (TD), construction, transition, and production.