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Faculty: Engineering, Shoubra
Department: Architectural Engineering

Total no. of courses: 133

[ARC 225] Acoustics & Artificial Lighting
[ENG 505] Advanced Programming
[Arch 619] Advanced Forum / Selected Topics in the Field of Study
[Arch 619] Advanced Forum / Selected Topics in the Field of Study
[Arch 703] Advanced Forum /Applied Research in the Field of Specialty
[Arch 703] Advanced Forum /Applied Research in the Field of Specialty
[Arch 703] Advanced Forum /Applied Research in the Field of Specialty
[ENG 505] Advanced Programming
[ENG 505] Advanced Programming
[Arch 535] Architectural and Ornamental Details of Heritage Buildings
[Arch 523] Architectural and Urban Context
[Arch 609] Architectural Criticism
[ACR 114] Architecture Design (1-A)
[ARC 124] Architecture Design (1-B)
[ARC 214] Architecture Design (2-A)
[ARC 223] Architecture Design (2-B)
[ACR 312] Architecture Design (3-A)
[ARC 323] Architecture Design (3-B)
[ARC 412] Architecture Design (4)
[ARC 346] Architecture for the Future
[ACR 113] Building Construction (1-A)
[ARC 123] Building Construction (1-B)
[ARC 213] Building Construction (2-A)
[ARC 222] Building Construction (2-B)
[ACR 313] Building Construction (3-A)
[ARC 324] Building Construction (3-B)
[Arch 626] Building Documentation and Monitoring
[ARC 345] Building Restoration & Conservation
[Arch 529] City / Town Services
[Arch 605] Community Culture and Urban Development
[ARC 125] Computer Application
[Arch 512] Computer Applications in Architecture
[ARC 422] Concepts of Contemporary Architecture
[Arch 620] Concepts of Urban Development
[Arch 625] Contemporary Approaches to Urban Planning
[Arch 702] Contemporary Architecture Trends and Future Visions
[Arch 608] Contemporary International Architectural Design Trends
[ARC 350] Contextual Design
[Arch 613] Culture and Urbanization Studies
[Arch 533] Demography Studies
[Arch 535] Demography Studies
[ENG 504] Design and Analysis of Engineering Systems
[Arch 531] Design of Public Spaces
[ARCH 536] Documentation of Heritage Buildings with Reference to Legislation Charters
[Arch 616] Environmental Context for Urban Design
[ARC 212] Environmental Control
[Arch 504] Environmental Design Domains and Trends
[STR 511] Evaluation, Repair
[ARC 411] Feasibility Studies & Construction Management
[ARCH 508] Field Studies in The Area of Specialization
[CVE 341] Foundation & Testing Materials
[CVE 142] Foundation & Testing Materials
[Arch 631] GIS and Urban Data Profiles
[ARC 445] Graduation Project
[ACR 111] History & Theory of Architecture (1)
[ARC 121] History & Theory of Architecture (2)
[ARC 211] History & Theory of Architecture (3)
[Arch 614] Housing Development Studies
[Arch 510] Humanities and Architecture
[Arch 612] Humanities and Social Sciences
[Arch 604] Humanities in The Built Environment
[Arch 501] Institutional System / Structure and Planning Legislation
[Arch 501] Institutional System / Structure and Planning Legislation
[Arch 501] Institutional system / Structure and Planning Legislation
[ARC 322] Interior Design
[Arch 530] Landscape Design
[Arch 534] Maintenance and Restoration Projects Management
[Arch 624] Management of Urban Development
[Arch 516] Management of Urban Development Sites
[Arch 537] Materials and Techniques of Heritage Crafts
[EPE/MPE 341] Mechanical & Technical Installations
[Arch 535] Ornamental and Architectural Details in Heritage Buildings
[ARC 221] Philosophy & Methodologies of Design
[Arch 610] Philosophy of Aesthetics
[Arch 611] Philosophy of Architecture Design
[ARC 321] Planning of Residential Areas
[Arch 623] Planning Policies for Distinctive Urban Areas
[Arch 623] Planning Policies for Valuable Urban Areas
[Arch 518] Preservation and Conservation of The Urban Built Environment
[Arch 621] Principle of Regional Planning
[Arch 502] Principles of Architectural Design
[Arch 620] Principles of Regional Planning
[ARC 421] Professional Practice & Legislation
[ARC 342] Project & Site Management
[Arch 507] Project Evaluation and Analysis
[ARC 415] Project Studies & Technical Report
[ENG 509] Projects Management
[Arch 511] Public Spaces Context for Building Design
[Arch 506] Rehabilitation and Development of Building Uses
[CVE 241] Reinforced Concrete (A)
[CVE 242] Reinforced Concrete (B)
[Arch 503] Schools and Trends of Architecture
[ENG 508] Scientific Writing
[Arch 628] Specifications of Restoration Works for Heritage Buildings
[ENG 506] Statistics and Random Processes
[CVE 342] Steel Structures
[CVE 141 ] Structural Analysis (1)
[CVE 143] Structural Analysis (2)
[Arch 627] Structural Fortification of Historic Buildings
[Arch 701] Studies in Philosophy
[Arch 701] Studies in Philosophy
[Arch 701] Studies in Philosophy
[SUR 241] Surveying
[Arch 602] Sustainability and Architecture
[Arch 629] Technical Installations and Security Systems in Heritage Buildings
[Arch 514] Techniques of Building Maintenance and Restoration
[Arch 704] Technological Changes and Urban Spaces Design
[ARC 450] Traditional Artistic Crafts
[Arch 532] Upgrading Informal / Under Developed Urban Areas
[ARC 224] Urban Concepts
[Arch 603] Urban Context for The Built Environment
[ACR 311] Urban Design
[Arch 617] Urban Design and Sustainability
[Arch 618] Urban Economics
[Arch 618] Urban Economics
[Arch 622] Urban Environmental Context
[Arch 622] Urban Environmental Context
[Arch 622] Urban Environmental Context
[Arch 520] Urban Housing
[Arch 525] Urban Management
[Arch 705] Urban Modeling
[ARC 414] Urban Planning (A)
[ARC 424] Urban Planning (B)
[Arch 522] Urban Rehabilitation / Upgrading Renovation
[Arch 521] Urban Space Design
[Arch 526] Urbanization and Traffic Transport
[Arch 528] Urbanization and Utility Networks
[ARC 446] Vernacular Architecture
[Arch 607] Virtual Reality Applications in Architecture
[ACR 112] Visual Design & Design Fundamentals (A)
[ARC 122] Visual Design & Design Fundamentals (B)
[ARC 413] Working Design (A)
[ARC 423] Working Design (B)