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Faculty: Agriculture
Department: Soils and water

Total no. of courses: 40

[Soils 1704] Advanced soil geomorphology
[Soils 305] Analysis of soil and water
[Soils 421] Chemistry of soil environment
[Soils 1612] Chemistry of soil micronutrients
[Soils 1611] Chemistry of soil organic matter
[Soils 307] Chemistry of the micronutrients
[Soils 404] Chemistry of the organic matter
[Soils 302] Conservation and management of soil
[Soils 1616] Design and Analysis of Experiments
[Soils 203] Fundamentals of soil and water science
[Soils 410] Graduation project
[Soils 1614] Irrigation and drainage
[Soils 407] Management and remediation of polluted soils
[Soils 425] Management of delta soil’s problems
[Soils 327] Management of desert soil
[Soils 1701] Morphology and classification of soils (Advanced)
[Soils 423] Nature reserve management
[Soils 110] Physics and Meteorology
[Soils 1601] Plant nutrition (Advanced)
[Soils 304] Plant nutrition and management
[Soils 1709] Pollution of soil and water
[Soils 403] Reclamation and improvement of the new soils
[Soils 1615] Relationship between soil – water – plant
[Soils 325] Remote sensing and soil survey
[Soils 1707] Remote sensing in agriculture science branch
[Soils 402] Soil , plant and water relationships
[Soils 323] Soil and water management
[Soil 301] Soil Chemistry
[Soils 1702] Soil chemistry (Advanced)
[Soils 1702] Soil chemistry (Advanced)
[Soils 306] Soil classification and evolution
[Soils 1706] Soil micromorphology
[Soils 422] Soil mineral colloids
[Soils 1711] Soil physical chemistry
[Soils 1602] Soil physics (Advanced)
[Soils 1703] Soil reclamation
[Soils 1710] Soil solution chemistry
[Soils 1705] Soil survey and evaluation
[Soils 1610] Soil tillage
[Soils 308] Soilless agriculture