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Faculty: Arts
Program: Psychology
Level: Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 48
[ARAB 1210] Arabic language (grammar and composition)
[PSYC 1104] Biological foundations of behavior
[PSYC 4136] Clinical Psychology
[PSYC 3233] Cognitive psychology
[PSYC 3235] Computer Applications in psychology
[PSYC 2223] Computer Applications in psychology
[PSYC 4242] Criminal Psychology
[PSYC 1207] Developmental Psychology (childhood and adolescence)
[PSYC 2116] Developmental psychology (the stages of adulthood and old age)
[PSYC 2112] Differentiating Psychology
[PSYC 3127] Dynamics of groups
[PSYC 2219] Educational psychology
[ENGL 1211] English (grammar and composition)
[ENGL 1103] English (grammar and composition)
[PSYC 2117] Environmental psychology
[PSYC 3125] Experimental Psychology
[PSYC 3232] Experimental psychology laboratory (practical)
[PSYC 4245] Field studies
[PSYC 1102] History of Psychology
[PSYC 4139] Industrial
[PSYC 4139] Industrial Psychology
[PHIL 1106] Introduction to Philosophy
[PSYC 1101] Introduction to Psychology
[SOCI 1105] Introduction to Sociology and anthropology
[PSYC 2220] Measurement of mental abilities (practical)
[PSYC 4137] Neuropsychology
[PSYC 3128] Physiological Psychology
[PSYC 4247] Project of using the computer
[PSYC 4246] Psychiatry
[PSYC 3231] Psycho-analysis
[PSYC 4244] Psychological disorders for children
[PSYC 4140] Psychological guidance
[PSYC 1208] Psychology of learning (animal teaching)
[PSYC 2114] Psychometrics
[PSYC 3126] Psychometrics of personality
[PSYC 4138] Psychopathology
[PSYC 3230] Research Methods in Psychology
[PSYC 2218] Social Psychology
[PSYC 2222] Socio-psychological problems
[PSYC 4141] Specialized psychological texts in English
[PSYC 1209] Specialized psychological texts in English
[PSYC 3234] Specialized psychological texts in English
[PSYC 2221] Specialized psychological texts in English
[PSYC 2113] Statistical Psychology
[PSYC 3124] Statistical Psychology
[PSYC 3129] The psychology of special groups
[PSYC 2115] Theories of Personality
[PSYC 4243] Theories of Psychotherapy