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Faculty: Computers and Artificial Intelligence
Program: Scientific Computing
Level: Postgraduate
Total no. of courses: 34
[SC 618] Advanced Application in Modeling and Simulation
[SC 611] Advanced Applications of Modeling and Simulation
[SC 516] Advanced Calculus (An Introduction to Multivariable Calculus)
[SC 721] Advanced Linear Algebra
[SC 719] Advanced Models of Operations Research and Decision Support
[SC 612] Advanced Numerical Methods
[SC 615] Advanced Optimization
[SC 617] Advanced Topics in scientific computing
[SC 714] Algorithmic Graph Theory
[SC 711] Algorithms and Programming in Scientific Computing
[SC 716] Complexity Theory
[SC 716] Complexity Theory
[SC 715] Computational Geometry
[SC 717] Computational Physics
[CS 511] Computer Programming
[IS 512] Database Systems
[SC 512] Discrete Mathematics
[SC 720] Fourier and Wavelet analysis
[SC 616] Graph Theory
[SC 513] Introduction to Operations Research
[SC 519] Linear Algebra
[SC 517] Modeling and Simulation
[SC 718] Networks Optimization
[SC 713] Numerical Linear Algebra
[SC 518] Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
[SC 517] Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
[SC 614] Numerical Methods in Partial Differential Equations
[SC 514] Principles of Numerical Computations
[SC 515] Programming Applications for Scientific Computation
[SC 522] Project
[SC 712] Robotics for Scientific Computing
[SC 613] Scientific computing and Visualization
[SC 520] Selected Topics in Scientific computing 1
[SC 521] Selected Topics in Scientific computing 2