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Faculty: Veterinary Medicine
Program: Veterinary Sciences
Level: Postgraduate & Undergraduate
Total no. of courses: 67
[Vet 00643b] Andrology and Diseases Causing Abortion
[Vet 0064b] Anesthesiology& Radiology
[Vet 00637] Animal and Poultry Production
[Vet 00625a] Animal behaviour and management
[Vet 00625b] Animal behaviour and management
[Vet 00655a] Animal, Poultry and Environmental Hygiene (1)
[Vet 00655b] Animal, Poultry and Environmental Hygiene (2)
[Vet 00621a] Animal, Poultry and Fish Feeding & Malnutrition Diseases
[Vet 00621b] Animal, Poultry and Fish Feeding & Malnutrition Diseases
[Vet 00653b] Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer
[Vet 00654a] Bacterial and Viral diseases of Poultry bacterial viral diseases of poultry
[Vet 00654b] Bacterial and Viral diseases of Poultry bacterial viral diseases of poultry
[Vet 00624a] Biochemistry
[Vet 00624b] Biochemistry
[Vet 00616a] Biochemistry
[Vet 00616b] Biochemistry
[Vet 00618] Biology (Botany& Zoology)
[Vet 00611] Biophysics
[Vet 00619] Biostatistics
[Vet 00656] Cattle,Buffaloes,Sheep &Goats Infectious Diseases
[Vet 00647b] Clinical Chemistry and organs functions
[Vet 00622b] Digestive and Iymphatic systems anatomy
[Vet 00648] Economics and Farm Management
[Vet 00617] English
[Vet 00634b] Entomology and Protozology
[Vet 00642b] Equine Medicine
[Vet 00649a] Equine, Camel & Pets (Canine & Feline) Infectious Diseases
[Vet 00658b] Fish Diseases
[Vet 00658a] Fish Management
[Vet 00645a] Forensic Medicine
[Vet 06615a] General Anatomy, Avian, Fish anatomy and Urinary system anatomy
[Vet 00632a] General Bacteriology, Immunology and Mycology
[Vet 00636a] General Pathology
[Vet 00641a] General Surgery
[Vet 00633a] General Virology
[Vet 006410] General Zoonoses
[Vet 00627b] Genetic Engineering
[Vet 00627a] Genetics
[Vet 00643a] Gynaecology
[Vet 00634a] Helminthology
[Vet 006647a] Hematology
[Vet 00613a] Histology (A) Cytology and General Histology
[Vet 00613b] Histology (A) Histology of Poultry
[Vet 00635a] Hygienic control of Fluid Milk
[Vet 00635b] Hygienic control of Milk Products
[Vet 00651b] Lameness
[Vet 00652b] Large Ruminant Medicine
[Vet 06615a] Male and Female genital systems and General Embryology
[Vet 00653a] Obstetrics
[Vet 00646a] Pathology of Bacterial and Parasitic Diseases
[Vet 00646b] Pathology of Viral and Mycotic Diseases
[Vet 00642a] Pet Animal Medicine
[Vet 00631a] Pharmacology (A)
[Vet 00631b] Pharmacology (B)
[Vet 00612] Physical & Organic chemistry
[Vet 00623b] Physiology
[Vet 00614a] Physiology
[Vet 00614b] Physiology
[Vet 0065a] Regional Surgery
[Vet 00652a] Small Ruminant and Camel Medicine
[Vet 00621a] Special Histology
[Vet 00621b] Special Histology and Fish Histology
[Vet 00633b] Special Virology
[Vet 00657] Special Zoonoses
[Vet 00636b] Systemic Pathology
[Vet 00632a] Systemic Bacteriology
[Vet 006510b] Toxicology